Authentic Wellbeing was born…..

About The Author

Izabela Chrobak-Tysver is a human being who is showing up to the world with all that she has to offer.

She grew up in Poland. After earning her master’s degree in Poland and her PhD in Germany, she moved to the U.S.A. when she was 28 to peruse her scientific career. Her areas of expertise included: biology, anatomy and physiology as well as cardio-respiratory science with specialties in lung fibrosis, emphysema, COPD, asthma and hypertension.

After the well-thought out decision to quit working in the science field, she committed herself to helping others bettering, growing and expanding themselves through wholistic approach where physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts are taken care of as a whole. She believes that the wholistic approach to the body is the way to heal almost anything, staring from physical symptoms, finishing with deep mental and emotional traumas.

She is a founder of an on-line coaching company called beYOUtiful by Izabela, LLC – officially known as Authentic Wellbeing.

Izabela’s life mission is to help and guide others and to inspire them to live better lives so they can look at themselves and know that they lived the best they could. Her mission is to empower people to have their voice, to be seen, heard and accepted in a way they are. Because she believes that you deserve it. Because you are a human being deserving love.


You can find Izabela here:


Authentic Wellbeing group:


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